• Marketing Strategy

Traffic and Lead Generation

There is no point having a great looking brand and website if nobody knows about it or how to use it. Cure Collective helps customers move through the path to purchase with compelling customer experiences. Once we identify your key customers, how they search and behave both online and offline we can find targeted media channels to build demand. Once we have them online or instore, then we can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience that drives your desired outcome.
We can help build traffic to your online and offline sites through our highly experienced acquisition marketing team. Whether it be SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Display Advertising, Facebook Ads, Linkedin marketing, print or press, we can help you build traffic that converts.
Building your awareness 
There are so many channels, so which ones are best for you?  We start by identifying your target customer, how they are behaving online, the search terms they use and the channels they consume. This helps us identify the best ways to build awareness - when the time is right. 
Optimising for conversion
Once we understand their need, we make sure your sales channels are fine-tuned to that need and have been optimised to convert. After all, there is no point investing in paid advertising if the website you send them to isn't primed to convert. We want to make sure the marketing funnel is watertight when it comes to purchasing.  
Building consideration
We also ensure that supporting channels help build on their experience whether this is social media, content, Google reviews, directory sites that all need to work together to help your customers rationalise their decision to choose you. This is how we make sure you are in the consideration set. 
Resulting in a scalable, commercially viable marketing program
When these boxes have been ticked, we then start to invest into paid media with a test, learn, measure and optimise approach. Once we have achieved the required cost per acquisition then we can start to scale your advertising program until you have a steady, reliable marketing program that is no longer a cost but a revenue-driving model. 
Cure Collective is here to help 
The team at Cure Collective have some of the most sought after acquisition marketers in the country who can help your business scale with an effective marketing program.  
We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes with options to suit most budgets.  Contact us for an obligation-free chat.