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Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads to build awareness, engagement and conversion.  

Expert advice 

The meta suite of advertising tools, including Facebook Ads, provides advertisers with a great deal of flexibility, but with that flexibility comes complexity which means you can waste spend without the right knowledge and expertise.

You're in good hands

The Cure Collective team is highly experienced in growth marketing and uses the meta platform daily to drive results for clients. We are across platform updates, changes and new technologies.  

Getting started is easy

We first seek to understand your customers (audiences) and the desired actions you want to see from them short, medium and long term. We then work with you on a strategy for the channel, key success measures and creative - all key ingredients to the success of the channel.  We use a test, measure, learn and optimise approach to ensure you achieve the desired return on investment. 

Cure Collective is here to help

If you would like assistance in getting the most out of your Facebook advertising spend, reach out to the team at Cure Collective for an obligation-free discussion on +61 2 8847 4708 or email