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Grow your business

Great marketing isn’t about keeping the website up to date, writing some articles and keeping the Facebook page ticking over. Outstanding marketing will propel your business forward, driving cost-effective leads and sales that deliver real growth to your business. A true investment in your future.

However, hiring experienced marketing staff with the skills to grow your business can be very expensive. A generalist won’t cut it and by the time you hire a specialist in each area plus someone to lead, you’ve spent months hiring and blown the budget.

Optimise your spend

We have an Acquisition Marketing team who will be able to build you a marketing strategy and a tactical channel plan that delivers results time after time. They test learn, measure and optimise to drive cost-effective business growth. They know what works and what doesn’t and won’t waste tens of thousands figuring it out. We have specialists across web, social, SEO, SEM, email marketing Facebook, Linkedin, PR as well as print and press.

The team is led by Cure Collective Partner – Lee Morgan who is one of the most experienced Acquisition Marketers in Australia. She has been hired to build growth in some of the most competitive industries and lectured for ADAM in Acquisition Marketing for a number of years. She has trained teams in Acquisition Marketing from lead to sale and built the team at Cure to insource the marketing for a number of organisations.

Getting started is easy

Every business marketing objectives and metrics are different, so we first understand what you’d like to achieve and provide a realistic plan of what is possible. We have access to a number of paid tools that can tell us all sorts of interesting information about the metrics behind various campaigns and spend.

We then set up an agile marketing plan, execute on the plan and will test, learn, measure and optimise every channel to create a sustainable growth marketing program. In some cases, we are an active part of the internal leadership team – in other businesses we operate autonomously delivering the required results.