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Pitches and Tenders

Pitching and tendering is a specialist skill that can pay dividends when successful. 

Stand out from the crowd

If a project is worth going to tender, chances are it will be hotly contested. Tenders and pitches are won by millimetres, and having a strong, tender strategy will be the difference between winning and losing.

Tenders and pitches are time-sensitive and resource-intensive, and the opportunity cost to the business is underestimated. Often the internal team is not experienced in tendering, which is why bringing in some experienced support can help.

You’re in good hands

There are similarities in the way most tenders and pitches are run, and knowing these patterns gives the business added advantages. Likewise, understanding the way tenders are evaluated gives you a competitive edge.

The team at Cure Collective have successfully won tenders large and small for our clients. We have been on both the pitch and evaluation side, which helps us facilitate the strategy, the process, the writing, design, pitching and presentations to help you win more often.

How we help you win

We can help you identify the things that matter, how to stand out from competitors and how to craft the narrative of a pitch or tender in both written and oral responses.

We provide support for tender strategy, response design, key messages, executive summaries, pitch portals, tender videos, experience rooms, pitch training, presentations, visual aids and copywriting.

Getting started is easy

From writing 300-page submissions to building pitch portals and customer experience rooms, every tender and pitch is different however the one thing they all have in common is a tight timeframe! We can turn on a dime to engage a team that can support your tender or pitch as needed. 

For an obligation-free discussion about your next pitch or tender and how we may be able to assist, call us on +61 2 8847 4708 or email studio@curecollective.com.au