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Email Marketing

Emails that get seen, opened and clicked. 

Still one of the most successful marketing channels

We all know how many emails we receive each day, so we need to pull out all stops to make your emails stand out in a cluttered inbox. We can help you identify key topics of interest, and create stand-out design combined with technical know-how to make email marketing a staple, reliable channel in your mix. 

Cut through the clutter

The average email account now receives over 126 emails every day. And while many consumers subscribe to newsletters because of genuine interest, when it comes to a crowded inbox it is important to stand out. From subject lines to layout, to imagery to content and calls to action, there is a lot to consider when crafting the perfect email newsletter. Our team has the knowledge to help you stand out. 

Create engagement and action

Now that we have the attention of your audience, we need to ensure they do what you would like them to do. Whether it be to visit your blog, buy online, download information, engage with a tool or refer a friend, the way you design and deliver your email can have a dramatic impact on results. 

Cure Collective is here to help

If you want to get your open rates and conversion rates soaring, Cure Collective is here to help. The team at Cure Collective will work with you to achieve the results you need from your email newsletters. Simple email us at studio@curecollective.com.au or give us a call on +61 2 8847 4708.