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Linkedin is one of the most effective channels for building business to business relationships. In order to do so effectively you need to position yourself and your business as thought-leaders and subject matter experts in the field. The best way to do so is with Linked video.


You can create your LinkedIn videos in the car or on the floor of your living room talking into your laptop which can work well for certain audiences, but it is much harder to remember the message. A more compelling short form Linkedin video sends a message you are professional, polished and invested. Is more likely to be shared and saved – which is what you want. We can deliver quality videos that don’t cost the earth (starting from $250 each) and achieve a much better result.

Getting started is easy

Every month, we hold a shoot day where we invite you to spend an hour with us to record up to 8 x 1-minute videos of your most important messages. Don’t worry about losing your lines or message as we will set you up with an autocue to help! We’ll add an opening frame, end frame, music and some captions throughout to help emphasis your message. We can support with scripting and presentation advice too.

Drop us a line if you would like more information about our Linkedin shoot days
and we will help you craft your message and get noticed on Linkedin.

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