How much does a professional logo cost?

How much does a professional logo cost?

There are lots of options when it comes to logo design. Free logo building software, offshore freelancer sites and a professional logo designer.  Each has their place and here we talk about how to choose which option is best for you.

Logo Building Software

Indicative Price Guide             AUD Free – $300

You have a new business idea, want to test and learn quickly then this is the way to go. You can play with colours, fonts and designs to create a logo that will give you a degree of professionalism. These logos usually have a Clip Art feel rather than a schmick design but will serve its purpose so you can invest more into getting your idea into action.

Offshore and Crowdsourcing
Indicative Price Guide             AUD $500 – $1500

If you want to spend a bit more but are still in the early start-up phase then this is another great option.  You can post a brief online and have designers from around the world create logos for you from which to choose.   Given the rates are low, the designers in this environment are often less experienced so the secret to making this successful is your ability to write an amazing brief, to select a great designer for your desired style and to be patient across time zones and language barriers.  These things are critical – otherwise, you may end up spending more time and money which instead could have been better invested in a professional logo designer.

Professional Logo Designer

Indicative price guide              AUD $2,000 upwards

If you want a logo that sets you apart, that is suitable for trademarking and will be scalable across print and digital, then a professional logo designer is well worth the investment. They will seek to understand your business use their awareness of the latest trends, font styles how shapes work and colour psychology to bring your logo to life – possibly in ways you never imagined.

They will consider what message your logo needs to deliver visually and how it makes a customer think, feel and act.  A professional logo designer saves you lots of time as they will consult with you upfront and then present ideas from which you choose and refine.

The highly experienced team at Cure Creative can help you define your idea, identify your audience, determine what your logo needs to visually convey and ultimately bring your vision to life.  Our professional logo designers help many clients each week who want their businesses to stand out from the crowd.

James Windeyer
Partner/Creative Director
Cure Collective