How do we get to number one on Google?

How do we get to number one on Google?

We get asked this question many times each day and the answer is simple – be the most relevant site to your visitors. The complexity comes in being “the most” relevant which is why many businesses use experts but are often baffled by the industry jargon and technical terms.

Here we try and break it down to its most simple form to provide a basic understanding of the key components of SEO.

The Three C’s of SEO
Google has billions of users because it delivers results to our search queries that are relevant. The quality results we get when we do a search is why “googling it” has become so convenient and part of our vocabulary.

If a user’s search query can be answered by the words, pictures and content on your site, then a search engine like google views this favourably. They crawl sites to find content that matches user queries through the keywords you use, the tags you place on the site and the way your information is structured.

If a visitor spends a long time on the site, looks at multiple pages and chooses to buy or make an enquiry, then it is likely that your site delivered value to that user.  This is viewed positively by the search engines as you have proven you are relevant to their user’s search.

Conversely, broken links, slow page load speed, poor mobile experience, duplicate content and having to crawl through pages to find the answers they seek is viewed less favourably.

If you have other sites linking out to your site then it shows you offer value or expertise in a particular subject area or “domain authority”. These authentic backlinks help boost your sites relevance in the eyes of the search engines.

So – how you become MORE relevant than your competitors?  Here are a few tips for beginners to get you started:

  • Know the key terms your audience uses when searching
  • Pick some terms that have reasonable traffic and reasonable competition
  • Dedicate pages or blocks of content to these search terms
  • Consider blog posts, whitepapers, infographics that help answer their search terms
  • Tag your text and images to make is easy for search engines to find
  • Test how users behave by driving a modest amount of paid search
  • Make sure when they land on your site there is an easy path to action

While the concept of relevance is simple, there are many ways this can be achieved. It is a delicate combination of art and science and many business owners haven’t the time, skills or tools to do their own search engine optimisation so prefer to outsource it.

The important thing to understand is that technical SEO alone won’t get you there. Your content, customer experience and creative must all be working in harmony for you to outrank competitors. This is the basis on which Cure Collective was formed.

A marketing agency like Cure Collective can help you build your relevance through a search engine optimisation strategy. We can help identify your audience, choose the key terms to go after, create compelling content tagged for the search engines, boost your conversions and use our suite of analytics tools to help you test, learn and measure to help you outrank your competition.

Lee Morgan
Partner/Marketing Consultant
Cure Collective