101 positive things to do during lockdown

101 positive things to do during lockdown

Lockdown doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom – here are 101 positive ideas you can do during a lockdown. Which will you choose? What should we add?

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The Cure Collective team will be adding to this list over the coming days and weeks in an effort to spread some positive vibes.

Did you know that if we consciously balance our positive to negative emotions, we will have greater strength to cope with adversity?

Having had the opportunity to work with incredible experts in mental health over the years, we learned that there are so many steps you can take to build your grit and resilience which is especially helpful in times like these.

While there are those in the world who need our love, kindness and support right now, this time can also be an opportunity to be grateful for the little things we can control and practice some self-care and build resilience – remembering too, that if you can look after yourself, you’re in a better position to look after others.

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